Le Pain Intime de Baûbo

Replace traditional soap for Le Pain Intime by Baûbo

Are you used to using vanilla scented shower gel to clean your body and your private parts? Stop everything! Baûbo explains the reasons for choosing Dermatological Intimate Pain rather than traditional soap to gently clean the vulva, buttocks and penis.

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For intimate cleansing, it is better to use a dermatological bar specially adapted to the area. Baûbo Intimate Pain is more respectful and more effective than a classic traditional soap. Here we explain why.

Baûbo's Intimate Bread

Soap = saponification

Traditional soap is based on the saponification method which considerably raises its pH . With its alkaline pH, it is not suitable for the intimate area . This can lead to feelings of dryness and irritation . On the other hand, dermatological bars are formulated with superfatting agents, offering a gentler alternative for sensitive skin.

The Intimate Pain: a soap without soap!

The Intimate Bread stands out for its acidic pH 5.8 , specially formulated to respect the natural balance of the intimate area. This pH helps maintain the delicate balance of intimate flora , helping to prevent irritation and discomfort. In addition to its adapted pH, Le Pain Intime is formulated with gentle virgin oils, respectful of the skin and is gynecologically tested !

Designed for sensitive skin

Thanks to its carefully developed formula which combines the benefits of Calybiota® Bio , a new active ingredient on the market, coconut and plum oils , Le Pain Intime perfectly suited to children, pregnant women and breastfeeding, as well as atopic skin, thus ensuring protection adapted to all. Find Le Pain Intime in packs of 2, 3 or 4 , ideal to equip the whole family!

Why adopt Le Pain Intime by Baûbo?

  1. Gynecologically tested
  2. Suitable for children and sensitive skin
  3. 100% natural & certified organic

  4. According to the gynecological test carried out for Baûbo by an independent French laboratory, 100% found that Le Pain Intime effectively cleanses and reduces feelings of discomfort.

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