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Why do you want to bite your partner during sex?

Have you ever felt the urge to bite your partner during sex? We explain to you the different reasons for this primary impulse.
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“Hello Doctor, I want to bite my partner during sex. Is it normal ? »

Don't worry, this doesn't mean you're turning into a vampire! In fact, this desire can be perfectly explained.

Intense sexual arousal

During sex, we release hormones , adrenaline & endorphin, which increase energy levels and desire. This may result in desire to bite and scratch your partner, providing a pleasant and stimulating sensation.

A symbol of possession?

The bite, also called odaxelagnia during sexual activity, is also a symbol of possession. It’s a way for partners to mark their territory. The goal is to express desire, without causing injury. And yet, leaving a trace...

Animal instinct

Animals tend to biting and scratching during mating. By animal instinct and primary need, some people feel the need to bite to express their passion.

Sensory pleasure

The skin is one of the most sensitive sensory organs in our body . In some people, biting lightly helps stimulate nerve endings, heightening sexual sensations.

The fantasy

Some people find the idea of ​​role play, sexual domination or submission arousing. So, biting or being bitten can be a way to explore these fantasies and experience strong sensations.

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