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Sex: How to perfectly master dirty talk?

Do you know dirty talk? Baûbo reveals everything about this sexual practice to avoid flops in bed...⁠

What is dirty talk?

Dirty talking ” in French consists of using words considered crude in order to increase desire and pleasure during sex.
While some people prefer silence, others become instantly excited as soon as we speak to them... And you?


A good dirty talk is the perfect combination of the complimentary and the degrading . Yes Yes.

First, let's talk about it

Before dirty talking, it is essential to test the waters to find out what the other person wants. A misplaced vulgarity right in the middle of the act can be a shocking love-killer. So discuss it frankly: “ Slut, is it okay or bad ?”

Go for it crescendo

If you have never practiced dirty talk and don't dare to try it, start with light sentences :
- You're beautiful, I want you...
- Take me, I want to make you cum...

Complimenting the body works really well too: I love your breasts, your butt, etc…

Announce the color

It's a very basic rule that works very well in dirty talk : announce what you are going to do . There, I'm going to ... while doing it, it's ultra simple but ultra hot .

The right tone

Once started, don't neglect your intonation . Smut that is not accepted, poorly articulated, or said with too much vulgarity, it ruins the atmosphere.
You have to believe in it and set the right tone so that it ignites the pleasure.

Focus on your mother tongue

The idea is not to do a fake accent, but if you are of another nationality, do not hesitate to use words from your native language to warm up the other. Mamacita, I want you ... Honestly, we love the travel mood.

Make gun eyes

Want to add desire? Dip your eyes into his and give him your best look when you whisper your naughty words to him ... You'll see, it'll change the atmosphere.

Don't force

There are sex mute people , who hate being spoken to, or worse: being forced to respond.

Dirty talk is not a quiz , so to avoid flops , know how to express yourself by avoiding questions that are too direct... This will avoid awkward silences, in fact.

Express your pleasure

No need to go very far to excite the ears: taking on the moans (especially for men, sometimes subject to a strange silent injunction...), it's ultra sexy . So no shame in enjoyment.

Keep your promises

And yes, dirty talk involves you , in a way... Your language should not exceed your gestures. Basically, if you announce “I'm going to make you cum and make you meow” well... It's better to make you cum and meow at the end, at the risk of coming across as... a big mouth!

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