Les 10 commandements d’une vulve heureuse

The 10 commandments of a happy vulva

Want to feel great in your panties? Discover our advice to take care of our vulvas, sometimes delicate.

1) Free as a bird, especially at night

It's imperative: after sitting, squeezing and suffocating, your vulva needs air and rest. Bare ass, therefore, to the max and especially in bed!

2) A bit of sunshine despite the grumpiness

Skeptics laugh as much as someone hugging a tree, but yes, your vulva needs sun. A little bit. From time to time. When it's possible... The warmth of the sun on your pubic area will invigorate you!

3) Wash with love in (fresh) water

No more harsh soaps and other petrochemicals! Your vulva needs water and only water to be clean. A wise Chinese doctor advised to wash it with fresh water to strengthen the most sensitive mucous membranes... And finally: no vaginal shower, the vagina is self-washing! On the other hand, a small jet of water on the clit has never hurt anyone. Quite the contrary.

4) Love in abundance

Vulvodynia, vestibulitis, vaginismus... We know all about suffering vulvas and vaginas. The first step to healing is to love yourself and your vulva. Giving it gentleness in our relationships, acceptance on a daily basis and recognition for all the pleasure it is capable of giving, or will give!

5) A look in the mirror

Those who have never looked at their vulva in a mirror, don't throw stones, but grab a pocket mirror, a good lamp and go discover their intimacy. Vulvas are all different; all singular; all beautiful as they are!

6) Adapted menstrual protection

There are tampon fans (preferably organic), pad fans and menstrual panty fans. Whatever the case, look for and discover what is most comfortable for your vulva and avoids irritation and discomfort.

7) Peeing after sex

It's basic! It's true, we just want to stay in bed and not move our butts, but we don't. To keep urinary tract infections at bay, we need to clear our short urethra of possible bacteria. Go on, pee and go to bed!

8) Washing from front to back

Ditto: a great basic, to be done with elegance in a turn of QP. Very soft, preferably.

9) Tongue (or thumb) licking

There are many (false) American studies that prove (or not) the importance of cunnilingus in everyday life. One thing is for sure: coming in all kinds of ways and in abundance, it opens the shakras from below.

10) The Balm of Baûbo

Because it is beautiful, good, organic, gynecologically tested, without age limit, without fuss, we put the Balm with our fingers whenever we want and... Yallah! You feel immediately better. And your vulva will thank you. Promised.

The Balm of Baûbo, 100% natural and 100% organic, and you will have an absolutely delighted vulva. I promise!

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