La libido, c’est quoi exactement ? entretien avec claire alquier, photo couple main sur torse

Libido, what is it exactly?

Interview with Claire Alquier, sexologist and couple therapist in Paris, to discuss the problems of libido and desire that can be encountered on a daily basis.

Baûbo is proud to present to you the first interview with the sexologist Claire Alquier , where we discuss together without taboo all the subjects of sexuality that interest us... and torment us.
Chapter 1 of this sexology session like no other where we try to define this libido that sometimes makes life hard for us.

Libido, by the way, what is it?
We always hear about it, but how to define it?

Claire Alquier: Libido is a catch-all term, associated with sexual desire, which itself is a rather broad term! Let's say it's a search for pleasure and more specifically sexual pleasure, and envy.

The libido is also an energy of life, mobile, which flows. It is an energy that focuses on sexual life. Above all, it's not linear… Contrary to what we think, it's not something we have or don't have !

Can the libido be worked on?
Can we strengthen a libido considered weak, for example?

The first sexual organ is the brain. The brain and the body are full of resources and treasures. We must therefore first ask ourselves questions rather than force ourselves. The issue of sexual well-being is an all-encompassing matter of self-love and confidence.

What can I do to feel better, to take care of my body, of myself? It is not mandatory to ask yourself all these questions, but it is already an advantage in the reconquest of your desire to prioritize yourself, to listen to yourself, to reconnect.

Because the libido or desire is an entire system, or rather multiple systems that coexist and intersect: work, health, general morale, the seasons, natural and/or chemical hormonal variations, relationships of couples, life… In a fluctuating and multifactorial world too!

When we have a slack, we sometimes say to ourselves: Everyone else has desire, except me!

It is absolutely necessary to get rid of this misconception!
Desire is fluctuating, capricious, subject to various influences so you have to take it easy! Don't worry, because the others don't do it any better, not all of them, everyone struggles more or less with this notion, at some point.

How to reconnect with your libido?

This is a question that is rather addressed on a case-by-case basis… But there are also general avenues to explore. First, ask yourself a few questions: where am I in my life? What takes up space? What makes me suffer? How can I improve my general balance? It is necessary to identify the disorder, the dysfunction, and (to) rebalance.
Following pain during intercourse, intercourse that has become painful for x or y reasons, hormonal changes… The desire decreases. We don't want to go there anymore. And that's okay! Also, the object of desire, the partner, must adapt to our reality...

You liked it ? The follow-up to the next interview with Claire Alquier.
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Feed your libido, our 7 ultra concrete tips!

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