LE Pain Intime de Baûbo
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Intimate cleanser: Baûbo Intimate Pain and its revolutionary active ingredients

We have selected (as usual) the best ingredients to produce Le Pain Intime , a soap-free soap for your daily intimate hygiene.
Le Calybiota® Bio est le nouvel actif révolutionnaire qui régule la flore intime
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Calybiota® Bio, the new revolutionary active ingredient for the intimate flora

Calybiota® is the key ingredient in our new intimate cleansing treatment: Le Pain Intime. Baûbo explains everything about Calybiota®, this natural and organic solution which regulates the intimate ...
Ménopause & sécheresses vulvaires : les solutions à adopter article blog Baûbo
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Menopause & vulvar dryness: solutions to adopt

Periods during adolescence, having sex for the first time, becoming pregnant and then finally completing this cycle with the stage of menopause. Menopause is often perceived as an ordeal... Baûb...
8 façons de s'inspirer & de s'engager dans le féminise

8 ways to get inspired & get involved for March 8

Feminist readings, good films, demonstrations, activist podcasts and great accounts to follow: our 8 ways to get inspired & get involved for March 8.
Le Baume Vulve de Baûbo dans le magazine féminin stylist

BAÛBO in Stylist: “Do you really need to moisturize your lower lips?”

Vulva Balm has once again caused a sensation, this time it was the women's magazine Stylist which focused on its effectiveness in lastingly hydrating the vulvar mucous membranes.
image article de blog Baûbo Pourquoi les 18 - 24 ans baisent moins ?
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Why do 18-24 year olds fuck less?

Baûbo deciphers for you the reasons why young people are making love less and less.
L’Inconfort vulvaire et l’histoire d’une start-up parisienne qui met fin à ce calvaire avec un produit bio et naturel

Intimate discomfort: how two friends found the magic solution with organic Vulva Balm

Discover the story behind this unique French treatment, 100% natural and 100% organic.
6 fun fact sur le clitoris
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6 fun facts about the clitoris

Baûbo has listed the 6 best anecdotes to know about the clitoris to better understand your body and your sexuality. The last one will surprise you!
3 indispensable après l'amour
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3 essentials after LOVE

3 actions to adopt to have a gentle and pleasant aftercare moment.