3 indispensable après l'amour
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3 essentials after LOVE

3 actions to adopt to have a gentle and pleasant aftercare moment.
8 tabous du post-partum par Baûbo
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8 postpartum taboos

Baûbo lifts postpartum taboos!
5 préjugés sur le sexe, par Baûbo
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5 prejudices about sex

Discover 5 prejudices about sex that everyone is tired of hearing!
Prévenir, corriger et réduire l’apparence des vergetures Moom Skincare
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Prevent, correct and reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Baûbo partners with Moom Skincare, the organic cosmetics brand certified without endocrine disruptors, to address the theme of pregnancy and stretch marks.
Symptothermie : la contraception naturelle est-elle vraiment fiable ?

Symptothermy: is natural contraception really reliable?

What is Symptothermy? Interview with Alix, the founder of Magic Ovaries, to answer our questions about this little-known means of contraction.
Comment parfaitement maîtriser le dirty talk article Blog Baûbo
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Sex: How to perfectly master dirty talk?

Do you know dirty talk? Baûbo reveals everything about this sexual practice to avoid flops in bed...⁠
Comment bien caresser une vulve article blog
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How to (properly) caress a vulva?

Practical sex guide to try to know how to masturbate. Yes, there’s more to life than penetration!
 9 types d’orgasmes insoupçonnés par baubo
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9 types of unexpected orgasms

Did you know that there are at least 9 types of female orgasm! And yes, the female orgasm doesn't just stop at the clitoris and penetration.
Les choses à normaliser au lit partie 3
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Baûbo removes the prejudices of somewhat shameful things that happen to ALL of us in bed .