12 choses à savoir sur le cancer du sein
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12 things to know about breast cancer

Baûbo reveals 12 things you (maybe) don't know about breast cancer. This is a little message to make you aware of the practice of self-palpation to be carried out at least once a month! (And not j...
Les hommes sont-ils mieux que les femmes face au cancer ?

Men treated better than women when it comes to cancer?

According to the British medical journal The Lancet, “a feminist approach” to cancer would save 800,000 women per year!
Octobre rose : l'auto-papaltion en 5 étapes
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How to self-palpate your breasts?

It's time to check your breasts! Baûbo gives you the keys to self-palpation simply and effectively in 5 steps.
L'anniversaire des 4 ans de Baûbo en images

Baûbo’s 4th anniversary is worth celebrating!

Discover the best-of from the 4th anniversary party of Baûbo, the intimate care brand and more!
6 choses à normaliser au lit
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6 things to normalize in bed (part 1)

Baûbo removes the prejudices of somewhat shameful things that happen to ALL of us in bed .
Ely Killeuse, La Vie En Lucie, Marie De Brauer parlent de Baûbo

The Baûbo collabs of summer 2023: Ely Killeuse, La Vie En Lucie, Marie De Brauer...

Activist, feminist, committed... The influencer who collaborates with Baûbo is an influencer (obviously) like no other.
Nourrir sa libido, nos 6 conseils ultra concrets !

Feed your libido, our 6 ultra-concrete tips!

Is it possible to bring our libido back into existence? To feed her? Here are some very concrete tips from Claire Alquier, sexologist in Paris, specially consulted to regain possession of our desi...
7 podcasts pour augmenter votre excitation sexuelle
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7 podcasts to increase your sexual arousal

Doesn't porn give you as much excitement as before? We found 6 perfect alternatives.
La libido, c’est quoi exactement ? entretien avec claire alquier, photo couple main sur torse

Focus on libido: Baûbo’s sex interview

Interview with Claire Alquier, sexologist and couple therapist in Paris, to discuss the problems of libido and desire that can be encountered on a daily basis.